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permanent jewelry FAQs.


what if my chain breaks?

if your chain breaks on the jump ring, we can weld it back on for free, as long as you bring in the jump ring.

if your chain breaks and the jump ring is still intact, we will add another jump ring to reconnect the chain for $10.


if your chain breaks and you want a whole new chain, we will offer 10% off the new chain.

what if I have a MRI?

we will re weld your chain, for free, as long as it is cut on the jump ring.

can I wear my chain through TSA?

Yes. you should have no issues going through TSA with permanent jewelry.

will my chain turn my skin green?

no. all of our chains and jump rings are made of either 925 sterling silver, gold filled, or rose gold filled.

do I need an appointment to get permanent jewelry?

yes. appointments are appreciated, but not always required. you can booked through

who should not get permanent jewelry?

we recommend that people who have pacemakers do not get permanent jewelry, due to the high electromagnetic energy created by the welding machine. if you have more questions, please reach out to your doctor.

we recommend that people with gold fill, rose gold fill, or sterling silver allergies do not get permanent jewelry.

can I hire you for an event?

yes, please give us a call or send an email to check availability for attending events. 

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