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after your tan.

Don't wear any tight clothing or any clothing that can get stained by the solution. We recommend wearing something dark, loose, and cotton. Cotton is very easy on the skin, whereas some other materials are harsher, and can rub the tan off.

Avoid applying anything onto your skin while your tan is setting (before your rinse).

Avoid sweating as much as possible.

If you are sleeping in your tan, wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt to avoid skin to skin. If you are skin to skin for a long period of time, the tan will overdevelop in those areas.

after your rinse.

When you take your first shower, remember that this is a rinse only. Don’t body wash, just rinse until the water runs clear in lukewarm water. We recommend not washing your hair when you rinse. The ingredients in body wash and shampoo can strip the pH of the tan, causing it to wear quicker. Never use dove soap.

Moisturize right after your rinse, and multiple times a day to extend the life of your tan. Avoid using oil based cleansers, alpha hydroxy acids and mineral oil as they accelerate skin exfoliation. We recommend using a tan extender lotion like Hemp Nation Tan Extender, or anything with natural, organic, skin nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and coconut butter.

During your showers throughout your tan, use as little soap as possible, in only the areas necessary. The ingredients in body wash and shampoos can strip your tan.

An extra step you can take to ensure your tan lasts longer is putting an oil on before your showers (not before your rinse). This acts as a barrier against the water and any harsh ingredients in shampoo that can strip your tan. We recommend using the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body oil, as it is very natural and nourishing for your skin.

Wired bras and rough materials (like tight jean shorts) that will rub in one spot on your body will likely cause the tan to come off in those areas faster than the rest of your body.

Avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs, as the chlorine will strip your tan.

When your tan starts to fade, you can use an exfoliating mitt to get all of the excess off (Don't exfoliate your tan until you are ready for it to come off).

If you have to shave while you have your tan, use a new razor. If you have to get waxed, wait until at least 5 days after your appointment.

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